Why I Gave Up Women For 30 Days (Video)

I was recently invited to speak about my “30-Day Woman Fast” in Los Angeles. Here’s that short 6-minute presentation. … And no, it wasn’t only about sex. Just watch. I’ll bet you find yourself in there. Please share it with others who might appreciate this perspective of one man’s authentic experience in his relationship to women, sexuality, addiction, self-worth, and weird vegetables.

NOTE: Those passionate words I use in my talk are just wind vibrating across vocal chords. Don’t let ’em get in the way.



A former US Air Force Captain, Bryan Reeves has survived multiple dark nights of the soul and done really stupid things with women that he deeply regrets and has learned a great deal from. Bryan is now a Life Coach & Relationship Coach for men, women, and couples, and is the author of the viral blog, "Choose Her Every Day (or Leave Her)," at www.bryanreeves.com.

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4 comments on “Why I Gave Up Women For 30 Days (Video)
  1. Dana Robbins says:

    At 36, I shouldn’t find this enlightening, but I certainly do! This speaks to all of us, not just men! So glad I read this!

  2. […] my recent “30-day Woman Fast” I started learning to sit in the experience of my fiery sexual energy without having to do […]

  3. […] Since last summer, though, I’ve been cutting out most of that behavior (except a lot of that sugar). As I discover ever more what it means to honor my life as a masculine Man, I realize I must turn into and face this loneliness that stalks me like death, and that I can trace back to my earliest memories. Not to conquer it, but to embrace it and explore whatever wisdom must lie beneath its menacing mask. […]

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