Take the 30-Day Challenge!

Are you ready to get your damn sanity back?

Well, I’m ready to help you. I’ve been there. I did this diet. I even fell off the wagon after just 7 days (landed right on top of a beautiful woman). But I hopped right back on, reset the clock, and 30 days later everything was different for me. I felt awesome. Clear. Self-sufficient. I was more focused. I had more energy. I was making better decisions, spending more time doing what really felt good to do. I was horny as ever, too, but I no longer felt desperate to do something about it. Life was rocking!

I can help you cut through the craziness, exhaustion, insanity you’re experiencing around the sex of your attraction. 

I can help you get your life back.

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I look forward to supporting your journey back home to your awesome self!